Celebration cakes that #GetBaked by Rich

Frozen cake

This is a great one for kids birthday parties, it’s big and bold and makes a great centre piece. 

If you’re like me and love to have earplugs in when the Let It Go song comes on, you might think this cake won’t be for you.

Love is an open door

I can assure you this cake is delicious, made with 6 chocolate sponge layers in total, filled with chocolate buttercream and decorated with fondant, (by request of the birthday girl… NO JAM!).

frozen cake

Plane Cake

Plane Cake

As you can see this cake is anything but plain……… 

Ba Dum TSS

This cake was for my elder brother who had recently passed his flying exam and become a pilot. COOL RIGHT?! He said he’ll take me flying as long as I always refer to him as Maverick.

The plane he learned in is the one on the top of the cake, which I made out of beautiful fondant icing.

Superman cake

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 22.55.15

Again this was for my brother, who, you guessed it, he LOVES BATMAN.

batman confused

Only joking, he’s a big Superman fan and will definitely debate with you on why he is the best superhero… but lets not get into that.

He is lactose intolerant so the sponge, buttercream, fondant, everything, is completely dairy free. No, that doesn’t mean it tastes rubbish, quite the contrary, it is delicious. I will be posting the recipe online soon, so keep checking my blog for updates. If you simply cannot wait, email me and I may just send you the recipe ;).

Colour Cake

Colour Cake

This one was different as it was a bit of a last minute decision to make (the day of the persons birthday), but I think it turned out quite well. Super easy to make! The easiest of this list, piping buttercream can get quite tiresome (especially if you only have one piping bag), but apart from that I would definitely recommend this as one to make as I’m sure it will impress.

The inside was filled with M&Ms too – I got the idea from piñata cakes online, it worked great and is a nice surprise for the person cutting into it.

pretty colours

Cheese cake

Not like the cheese cake you might be thinking of though.


This is a cheese THEMED cake! The lucky girl who this was for absolutely loves the stuff (I don’t blame her). So after some inspiration from my girlfriend, I decided this cake would be perfect for her! 

Cheese Cake

It is a typical vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and fondant, unfortunately I do not have a picture of the inside, but using blue food colouring, I managed to make the the sponge look like blue cheese! It was quite the surprise for the birthday girl. She loved it! 

*Warning no fondant mice were harmed in the making of this cake… apart from the ones that were eaten… which was all of them… so 4*

Dr Suess Cake

Dr Suess cake

I’m not gonna lie, this one was a struggle, ever try making a cake in the scorching summer heat? Then trying to ice it to make it look like a cartoon? No? Well it’s a bit like creating a perfect replica of the Sistine Chapel out of melting butter… Not easy I tell you.

It was finished though and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The thing was so heavy though! I swear it had the atomic mass of a dying sun, holding it while singing Happy Birthday was simply out of the question.


Needless to say my girlfriend (the recipient) absolutely loved it and was very surprised, I even think I saw a tear in her eye! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of my creations, I certainly have enjoyed talking about them, I’ll do more of these in the future. 

Let me know what you think and like I said the recipes for the cakes will be coming soon.

Rich x


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